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Parallel Lines
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Audiobook Narration

Scott Johnson

Narration Samples

Home Studio

Current Training and Skills

Mic: Rode NT1

Interface: Focusrite Scarlett

DAW: StudioOne / RX Izotope

Custom Booth by: Shhhtudio

Johnny Heller Workshop

Austin, TX , Aug 2022

Ginger Yoda Dojo

Sean Pratt

VO Jumpstart, with Don Baarns

Mariner, Engineer, Project Manager, Grease Monkey, Jack-of-All trades, and Master of My Own Destiny....

US Merchant Marine Academy

BS Marine Engineering Systems, 2001

About Me

After graduating from the US Merchant Marine Academy in 2001, I have sailed on the oceans and traveled the world, living most recently in Singapore for 5 years, living life and enjoying it!

Life has since brought me back to my home country, and into the wonderful world of Audiobooks.  I am in love with the whole production process, especially the narration and being able to bring stories and knowledge to everyone.

When not narrating or engineering, you can find me ensconced in video game realms, standing against the denizens of the darkness, or online on my Scifi-ology Podcast!

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